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Koga Wolf Profile

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Koga Wolf Profile

Post by Koga_Wolf on Mon 10 Jan 2011, 8:31 pm

Name: Koga Wolf
Nickname: Smoking Wolf
Birth Day: December 22, 1964
Birtharea/region: Venice,Italy

Age: 16


Race: White

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 132

Family: Unkown
Relationship Status: Single

Strength: 3rd degree black-belt in taekwondo, practically fearless, weapon practitioner, Intelligent,Acrobatic

Weakness: Shy,non-caring,arrogant,scared of death. Isent to strong. Skinny

Team: (No kings yet, you have to earn that.)

Road: Ring Road

Weapon: Senbons on his legs(in a holster) and sleeves

Outfit: Koga has a wristband on both arms

A.T.s:Basic look but inside have the highest upgrades money could buy.
Look- Basic
Color- Black with a white wolf head howling on both sides of the ankle.

Wheels: Basic
Wheel Design- Each side has spikes at the end of the color. One side has white spikes at the end of the white color and the black side has black spikes at the end of the black coloring.
Wheel Color- Black and white

Biography: Koga was born into a family of Presidents and Vice Presidents of multi-million dollar corporations.Koga spent most of his childhood learning about technology and how to enhance systems. When ATs first came out Koga saw an opportunity to make himself the fastest ever. Using the money he had he bought the best equipment possible and began experimenting how to destroy and enhance the ATs. Koga after only a month learned the schematics of every type of AT known.

Koga cares for no-one and will do anything needed to accomplish what he thinks needs to be accomplished.

Other: Koga is looking for friends even though it doesn't looks like it.

Special Tech:
AT destruction: Koga throws 5 senbons around the target's AT's and causes them to overload and go up in smoke making the user unable to use them. Requires time to do and usually from up close. The closer the better chance of hitting the points. Must use a 5 senbons on one and another 5 for the other.

Power Boost: Koga squats while moving and puts 3 senbons in the back of each AT. When this is done the power of the AT is tripled. After about 10 minutes the power fades slowly making Koga come to a stop whether he wants to or not.

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Re: Koga Wolf Profile

Post by Blaze on Thu 13 Jan 2011, 12:33 am

thumbs up! show em how your dust taste =)

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