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Agito/Akito/Lind Empty Agito/Akito/Lind

Post by Agito/Akito/Lind on Sat 15 Jan 2011, 1:12 am

Name: Agito/Akito/Lind Wanijima

Nickname: Shark

Age: 16


Birthplace/Region: Japan

Appearance: Agito/Akito/Lind Akito-agito

■As Agito, he has amber eyes with feline pupils and fanged teeth.
■As Akito, he has amber eyes with normal pupils and cross-dresses frequently.
■As Lind, he has Over-Cross Twinkle Eyes, spiky hair and fanged teeth.

Race: Brain Charger (white)

Gender: Male

Height: 142 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Kaito Wanijima (Father?)(Brother)

Relationship Status: ?

Strength: can copy a riders ability after seeing it once, battle genious

Weakness: weak physique

Team: Kogarasumaru

Road: Bloody Road

Outfit: His usual attire consists of a eyepatch, black pants, and black jacket with the Kogarasumaru emblem emblazoned on the back. He also carries straps with hooks that can be wound around his legs and used to bind enemies.

A.T.s: Sand Tiger
Look-bladed ridge on its vamp and serrated wheels

Wheels: Bloody Armor
Wheel Design- front wheel guards jut out to resemble a shark's fin, and the wheels split along their serrations into a sawblade configuration

Biography: Agito/Akito/Lind's mother Gazelle was pregnant at the time of her death, when she died polar waters between Japan and Russia, her body preserved by the cold sea. Her body retrieved, the fetus removed and artificially enhanced by a mysterious benefactor. The child later appeared to Kaito with a note, explaining the situation. At some point in the past, Kaito's son was part of Professor Minami's Brain Charger project, which led to the creation of his first persona, Lind. After escaping from the lab facilities, Kaito took his son - then under the Akito persona - under his wing, training him to be the Fang King. After realizing the violence he was causing, the pacifist Akito created Agito as a solution to his mental conflict.

Personality: Kaito's brother has 3 personas who refer to each other as brothers. They are listed in order of dominance and inverse order of seniority.

The youngest and dominant persona, Agito was created by Akito to cope with the mental stress created by his pacifist nature and responsibilites as Fang King. As such, his strength is derived from his desire to protect Akito. His devotion to Akito is shown in his match against Akira Udou, where he nearly sacrifices himself, believing himself to be the cause of his physical deterioration. Otherwise, he is aloof and foul-mouthed character (his most-oft used phrase is "FUCK!!"); despite this, he is nonetheless a valuable asset to Kogarasumaru. He is somewhat immature when it comes to romance, and is completely oblivious to Nakayama's infatuation with him.

The dominant personality prior to Agito's creation, Akito is Agito's polar opposite in almost every aspect. Timid and gentle, he was trained by Kaito to be the Fang King, and is referred to as his 'pet'. He was originally the Fang King. Nonetheless, he is even more frightening than Agito when angered. Feminine both in behaviour and appearance, he makes no secret of his homosexual attraction with Ikki. For unknown reasons, he is terrified of the Trophaeum Tower, probably due to the Brain Charger Project, which subsequently resulted in his creation, or the fact that Lind's personality, the senior and original personality, was the first generation Thorn king Gazelle.

The last persona to appear in the series (but the first chronologically), Lind is the 'First Personality' of the body. He is metaphorically referred to as the "Seed of Judas", planted within Kogarasumaru to sabotage them. When his person was grafted on, Lind's consciousness was too much for his body to handle; Akito, and by extension Agito were created from the resulting mental turmoil, while he went into hibernation, awaiting his body's maturation. He is Brain Charger No. 0 and prototype for Sleipnir, making him their senior. Ruthless, sadisdic and disdainful, Lind regards his other personas as 'babies', and has a playboy attitude towards women. He does have a caring side though, as he was smiling when his youngest 'brother' Agito reasserted control of the body. He is also very protective of Kaito, seeing as he mentally snapped when he saw Arthur and Shalott beating him up and proceeded to attack the duo with the intent of killing them. He also has a vendetta against Nike, as he calls him his "prey" and says he's been after him for a long time.

It is later revealed that Lind's personality is actually that of Gazelle, the first generation Thorn Queen, also known as the "Wings of Beginnings". It has also been revealed that Gazelle is a female and the mother of Agito/Akito.

■ Female doctors and nurses love him, but it freaks him out. He also finds giant boobs to be unnecessary.
■ Agito is shown to be very weak while sleeping, which is a running gag in the series.
■ He has wind chimes hanging from his ceiling made of A-T parts.
■ Akito's favourite colors are blue, green and yellow, whereas Agito's favourite color is red.
■ Akito's favourite animal are birds, especially crows, whereas Agito's favourite animal are sharks.
■ Agito likes BOSS coffee whereas Akito likes strawberry milkshake.
■ it seems that Agito is able to use the Flame Road, as seen when he ignites part of a factory, after watching and critisizing Kazu's run, much to Kazu's surprise.

Special Tech:

AGITO Ride fall Bloody roll, soul 1800° - A brutal move that twists the opponent's body as Agito "rolls" the opponent from all sides, its distinctive 'finisher' is a spurting spiral of blood.

Backward Cross Ridefall Upper Fang "TWINCAM" - A tag-team move used by Minami Itsuki and Agito. Ikki executes a 360 degree spin while holding Agito, who then executes a flying hook kick using the resulting momentum.

Fang Grind - A tag-team move where Ikki 'grinds' one of Agito's Fangs, simultaneously increasing the lethality of the Fang and the distance Ikki travels.

AGITO Bloody fang Ride fall "Leviathan" Akito's signature trick, it is the basic 'Fang' attack. Agito is able to perform it without Bloody Armor, a spectacular feat in and of itself.

Gigaers Cross - Originally Udō Akira's technique, Agito has also used it. It is a pair of fangs fired in a cross-shaped configuration.

Cage of Fangs - Originally Udō Akira's technique, Agito has also used it. As its name implies, it is a criss-crossing collection of Fangs which converge upon the opponent.

Bloody Fang: Infinity Jail - Lind's signature trick, it invokes the Infinity Atmosphere of the Bloody Road to create a ball of Fangs, resembling Akito's cage, that encloses the opponent. It is essentially a refined, more elegant version of the "Cage of Fangs", as the 'Jail' can be imploded at the user's will.

AGITO Bloody Blade Fang - Agito's signature trick, it is essentially an evolved form of the Leviathan Fang developed as an answer to his weak stamina. It takes the appearance of an oversized Fang with ribbed protrusions.

Agito & Akito & Kazuma Grand Fang Fire Bird - Agito creats a giant fang while Kazuma sets it a blaze with flames making it easly capabile of taking down a plane.

Bloody Road: Saucer Crush - One of Agito's only non-Fang based techniques. Using his attached hooks, he slashes at everything in a horizontal circle around himself.

Fang King

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Agito/Akito/Lind Empty Re: Agito/Akito/Lind

Post by Enjiuu on Sat 15 Jan 2011, 11:04 am

Npc character approved~

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