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result of my boredom

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result of my boredom

Post by Ajiro on Wed 26 Jan 2011, 11:17 pm


:Villain Name:: Benkei
:True Identity:: Garrett Henderson

:Race:: Meta-Human, African-American
:Age:: 17
:Birthday:: 11/12
:Gender:: Male
:Height:: 5’9”
:Weight:: 230
:Eyes:: Silver
:Hair:: Black
:Blood Type:: AB
:Personality:: Benkei is silent and tents to observe the goings on of others and only steps in when needed
:Unique Characteristics:: scar under left eye
:Appearance:: Benkei is muscular and tall with silver eyes and black hair. His browned skin brings more shine to his silver eyes. He doesn’t wear a mask though sometimes he does wear shades with his leather jacket and suit or combat suit

:Basis of powers:: Inhuman Nature

~Personal Status~

:Marital Status:: Taken
:Relatives:: None- Deceased or abandoned him
:History:: N/A

~Professional Status~

:Occupation:: Super Villain
:Base of Operations::
:Combat Strength:: High intelligence; Extremely deceptive; Mixed martial artist master; Weapons Specialist; Extreme acrobatics
:Combat Weaknesses:: As if I’d tell anyone
:Designated Heroes:: Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman


Primary equipment:
In the sleeves of his Leather jacket are two swords that have a rotation point allowing them to fold and release according to his unique grip. Along with his two blade he has a large staff that can be replaced with a Halberd of it is destroyed

~Powers and abilities~

Primary abilities

    [-] Inorganic –- Ability to transform completely into an inorganic substance while retaining organic properties. (becomes steel that is as hard as Diamond)
    [-] Gravity Manipulation -- Ability to manipulate or generate gravitons, or other types of gravitational interactions
    [-]Mass manipulation -- Ability to increase or decrease mass in an object
    [-]Earth manipulation -- Ability to control earth; sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, or other minerals.
    [-]Reactive Adaption/ Evolution -- Ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever he was injured by or exposed to the effect is permanent
    [-]Electrical Manipulation -- ability to manipulate and generate electricity

Lesser abilities

    [-] Preflex/Super human reflexes-- Can sense actions or dangers moments before they happen and react
    [-] Super Human Strength -- Ability to have a level of physical strength much higher than normally possible given their proportions
    [-] Super human Vision – Ability to see better than a normal human this includes microscopic vision the ability to see things on a subatomic level
    [-] Super human breath – Ability to inhale/exhale with superhumanly powerful strength. This can range from exhalation on par with gale force winds to inhalation on par with the power of a gravitational vortex. In some cases, freezing temperatures can also be achieved.
    [-] Hyper Accelerated Healing -- Ability to heal rapidly from any injury this includes a slowing of aging

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