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List Of Tricks.

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List Of Tricks.

Post by Ajiro on Wed 12 Jan 2011, 9:43 pm

Trick List


Fake spin accelerator, special 1440
Rank: E
Type: Special
Target: Self
In RP description: The fake spin accelerator is a simple trick to use but a rather useful trick to master. It is a good crossover or finishing trick and can have spectacular results. The principle is to lower your center of gravity and to spin in a two fold attempt to increase your air distance and to strengthen the impact of your fall.

Backspin wall ride 360
Rank: E
Type: Special
Target: Self
In RP description: The backspin wall ride is a classic and rather simple trick which involves using a wall to ride up its surface. The easiest way of accomplishing that is to simply step on the wall but the upward thrust is limited. This trick which is taken in reverse forces you to spin in order to maximize your upward thrust. This trick can be used to reach places you normally wouldn’t be able to reach or to very rapidly avoid an attack.

Moonsalt 900
Rank: E
Type: Special
Target: Self
In RP description: The moonsalt 900 is an aerial trick which involves 2 and a half flips and is usually used as the final step to a chain of tricks. Its ends the user high in the air in the hopes of getting as much air time as possible in order to complete the maneuver. The trick can be done sideways or upwards however, it will usually be launched from an upside down position since after 2 and a half spins the rider needs to land on his feet.

Backward crossing method air
Rank: E
Type: Defensive
Target: Self
In RP description: This trick is a rather sudden and effective trick which gives many defensive advantages. Using a quick crossover and a powerful jump a rider can quickly move out of harms way in the most impressive of ways. This trick involves a quick crossover and then a rather quick yet low flip in a specific direction.

Onewheel 360
Rank: E
Type: Special
Target: Single
In RP description: Using the momentum of a forward drive and the abilities of a figure skater you can spin on one AT and extend the other leg for a 360 kick. Obviously this can just be a fancy trick to show off but it has a lot of offensive potential.

Sudden Start
Rank: E
Type: Special
Target: Self
In RP description: The sudden start is a very simple technique which consists of going from a standstill position to running forward motion in a very rapid series of movements. This ability is made for people who like to stop and change direction a lot since it allows them to regain their speed very fast and it can be very useful at the start of a race especially for anyone who has no start form. This trick can also technically be used to quicken a change in direction by using cross over techniques.

Rank: E
Type: Offensive
Target: Single
In RP description: This trick is inherently simply a powerful charge followed with an attack with abuses the momentum of the charge. It also allows for the very potential yet higher ranked trick: Second Round Fire!!

Backward cross ridefall
Rank: E
Type: Defensive
Target: Self
In RP description: the backward cross ridefall is a recovery move which attempts to minimize the damage taken while maximizing the strength of your next move. It’s the kind of trick that bridges defense and offense.

Amazing Forward
Rank: E
Type: Special
Target: Self
In RP description: The amazing forward is a sudden forward movement which acts as a constant forward push. The trick specializes on making the opponent feel pressured and forcing him to make mistake. It makes dodging very hard and can swing the momentum into the user’s favour.

Hawk Eye
Rank: E
Type: Special
Target: Self
In RP description: Hawk eye. The skill which lets a rider see with clarity the trick pass from one place to another. By seeing the potential jumps spots, the required tricks and the route they need to take to get from point A to B as fast as possible the hawk eye is a very useful trick when racing in unknown territory. Since riders using this trick know exactly where they are going they can go forward with certainty and without hesitation and therefore the lack of wasted movements and the lack of hesitation give the illusion of an increase in speed.

AT High
Rank: E
Type: Special
Target: Self
In RP description: There are people for whom the simple action of putting on ATs provide an incredible sense of euphoria and they are immediately reassured and more focused. This euphoria or “high” can be controlled and/or channelled and can be used to improve performances slightly a bit like when an athlete is forced into a serious focus due to an exceptionally strong adversary.

Soul Vision
Rank: E
Type: Defensive
Target: Self
In RP Description: The only thing the storm rider can see is their goal; all other things like pain are blocked out, although some damage still takes place. Riders with the soul vision ability are able to charge ruthlessly through barrages of punches and kicks, as if nothing was happening to them.

Acrobatic Dodge
Rank: E
Type: Defensive
Target: Self
In RP Description: The acrobatic dodge is unique to all riders. It uses the rider's strongest asset to creatively and artistically get out of harm's way. As a result it has many forms and can range from a display of extreme resilience to a flashy and last minute movement.

for a list of more tricks see linkand join if intrested

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