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The battle

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The battle

Post by Koga_Wolf on Thu 13 Jan 2011, 8:59 pm

Koga sits down in the very back of a movie theater and sees a group of what he thinks is 15 year olds walk in and one of them pointed at Koga. "Are you Koga Wolf?!" The boy said. Everyone who was watching the movie suddenly started to watch the boy me and me. "Yea I am whats it to you punk?" Koga takes a sip of his Sprit soda. "I challenge you to a dash for those C rank AT parts you have!" Koga grins. "And what are you betting?" The boy says with a wide smile. "Me and my team are betting our team emblem." The boy shows Koga the emblem which looks like two swords criss-crossed. "Fine meet me outside." Koga walks outside and hears the group walking behind him and talking to each other eagerly.

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Re: The battle

Post by Koga_Wolf on Fri 14 Jan 2011, 2:59 am

Koga walks outside and turns around to face the group. "Now since you challenged me tell us where you want me to go so I could take your pathetic little emblem." Koga takes a backpack that was with him and pulls out his ATs and puts them on as the kids discuss where to go. "OK we are going to race to that billboard." The kid points to a billboard next to a skyscraper. "Easy. Lets do this." The boy begins to dash to the billboard while Koga just stands there and watches. "3..2..1" Koga takes off and is already next to the back of the group. 2 of the kids turn around and both throw a punch at Koga. Koga uses one hand to catch one of the punches and another for the other punch and throws them both into the ground and at their speed they rolled as Koga went to the rest of the group. The kid near the back pulls out a chain and swings it at Koga. Koga quickly using his right hand take 4 senbons from his left sleeve and throws it at the chain. The senbons hit the links in the chain and hit a wall making the boy fall over since the chain was tied to his hand. "Hmpmh 3 down two to go." Koga squats a little to lessen the air resistance and increases his speed. Koga does a small jump and turns in mid-air so that he's riding on the wall on his right side. What Koga believes to be the Lieutenant pulls out a knife and looks terrified at Koga as he skates backwards. Koga rides up next to the kid and jumps off the wall and hits the kid in the face with his right knee. Koga squats lower so that he'll go faster. Koga easily passes the leader and jumps onto a wall and rides up and pulls out a sticker from his back pocket and puts it in the middle of the billboard. The sticker is a picture of a white wolf's head howling with a black background. "I win." The leader just got to the billboard. "Now hand over your pin kid or I'll have to take it by force." Koga jumps down and lands next to the kid gently. The leader takes the pin off of his jacket and hands it to Koga. Koga takes it and jumps down and grinds on a fence. Koga after awhile jumps off the fence and takes off his ATs to put them back in his backpack. Koga heads over to the secret underground area.

Posts : 79
Join date : 2010-09-06
Age : 23


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