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Post by Ajiro on Wed 12 Jan 2011, 1:48 am

StormRider: The term used to define those who ride A.T.'s, they may all have different reasons for starting to ride A.T., but in the end, most end up towards the same goal, to become the "Sky King."

Air Treks "A.T.": Unsatisfied with traditional roller skates, "Trick Skates" were made, from there, a self propelled skate, with miniature motors in the wheels. Giving people the ultimate goal of going faster, higher, and farther, and some, made it a goal to fly.

Road: Nine major roads are currently in existence, "road" itself is a term used by the riders signifying a goal of some sort. For instance, those following the Flame road tend to be the fastest of all riders. Custom roads have also been made, and while not main roads, can be just as powerful to follow.

King: Nine kings of nine roads, "King" is a term used to say those who have attained an extremely high point in their specific road. One is not considered a king unless unless he or she owns a "Regalia." Although those that follow someone close to kingship might simply refer to them as the king. King, is the proper term at all times, even females who have earned the title are referred to as Kings(though Queen is also"but less" used).

Regalia: Regalia are special Air Trek parts specifically engineered to use the air to work in conjunction with the King's Road; this is referred to as an "Infinite Atmosphere". Regalia are a double-edged sword: Deploying one gives a huge power boost, but puts a huge strain on the user; a King can only use a regalia a limited number of times before both their bodies and the Regalia give out. A regalia can be given, a regalia can be fought over, but a true regalia comes customized from a member of "Tool Toul To," known as a tuner. Even if you make your own road, and are therefor the only one following said road, does not make you the king, and therefor, not everyone has a regalia.

Team: Obviously, a group of StormRiders going towards a similar goal, while most have some type of uniform, some are more modest and let their team wear what they want, but most at least have their emblem, or a jacket. Some all ride the same road, others are very varied, and follow many roads. Some teams have several hundred members, while others are only five strong, five is the minimum when making a team.

Most people who ride A.T. can tell you about the feeling they get while riding, but to sum it up in one word... freedom. Especially those close to kingship who have seen their road, and those who watch with awe wish to join them in the sky. What started as a simple fad, has become a lifestyle, those who ride A.T. fly, and fly far.

I am the one who will fly to the top i am The Red Sparrow
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