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Koga Wolf(Weapon)

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Koga Wolf(Weapon)

Post by Koga_Wolf on Sat 06 Nov 2010, 6:24 pm

Name: Wolf,Koga (Koga Wolf)
Age: 16
Strengths:Intelligent,fast, Good stamina
Weaknesses: Gatling gun takes 2 seconds to begin firing,physically weak. At times arrogant
Human Appearance:
Type of Weapon: Gatling Gun
Appearance in full weapon mode(picture or description):
Appearance when only half transformed(picture of description): my right and/or left arm turns into the the part everything past the trigger.
Koga was born in death city and lived his life as an orphan and grew up on the streets. Koga was always chased by shopkeepers and evil humans who were out to get him. The shopkeepers since he stole the food from their stores as well as blankets to keep him warm though the winter. But the evil humans were after him for his soul which he didn't know had great power. Koga at the age of 13 got tired of turning so he decided to face a group of evil humans that chased him into a dead end. Koga began to fight with all his might only using his hands and feet until he thought about what would happen if he could just kill them all. At that moment his right forearm turned into the barrels of a Gatling gun and Koga began to focus his energy into shooting down the evil humans. Koga shot the evil humans with ease and collected their souls into a small bag thinking that if he was a weapon then he could probably turn into a death scythe like he hears people try to do with their partners at the DWMA. Koga at age 14 decided to enroll into the DWMA. Koga waited 1 year for the DWMA to accept him but they had bad news. No body could match his wave lengths. So Koga began his learning at the DWMA and began to fulfill missions in order to become a death scythe. Koga at the age of 16 still has not found a partner and has yet learned how to use his powers to their utmost limit. Koga is believed to be one of the strongest weapons at the academy for 2 reasons. 1 he does not have a partner. 2 he fights alone and has never lost. Koga tho at age 15 after 3 months at the academy has collected 99 evil human souls but was unable to get the last witch soul and had to start over due to him eating what he believed to be a witch soul but instead it was a replacement soul that a witch put up as a diversion for her escape. Koga then at the age of 16 after taking about 9 months to collect the 99 souls it then took him another 2 months to find the witch who escaped him. Koga single handedly killed the witch after a battle lasting 2 hours. Koga puts the soul into a bag and went back to Death City where he then showed the soul to Lord Death and ate it. Koga then became the youngest ever death scythe in the history of death scythes. Koga was assigned to be a be a protector of death city's borders where he would continue to collect souls for Lord Death.
RP Sample:
Koga runs up to the man and points his right arm at him and transforms it. "Now listen to me unless you want to die i suggest you tell me what I need to know or I'll have to puts 5,000 holes in your ugly face."The man looks at Koga with terror in his eyes "Ok ok ill tell you anything just don't kill me!" The man tells Koga what he needs to know and Koga smiles. "Then it appears you are no longer needed and since you have eaten human souls I must kill you." The Gatling gun begins to spin then white energy bullets leave the gun and en-pale the man in the face several hundred times. The man then falls and disappears, leaving only his corrupt soul. Koga turns his right arm back to normal and picks up the soul and eats it. "Tasty."

Last edited by Koga_Wolf on Sat 06 Nov 2010, 8:08 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : added more to my rp sample)

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Re: Koga Wolf(Weapon)

Post by Enjiuu on Sat 06 Nov 2010, 7:51 pm

you just need to make RP Sample little longer then you are approved.

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Re: Koga Wolf(Weapon)

Post by Enjiuu on Sat 06 Nov 2010, 8:02 pm


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Re: Koga Wolf(Weapon)

Post by Sponsored content

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