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Post by Ai Wang on Sun 10 Jan 2010, 3:17 am

Yukiko Hirohara (広原 雪子)
A lively girl who is later seen killing the monsters mercilessly during the Red Night. She is a granddaugther of the Hirohara zaibatsu, one of the richest house in the 11eyes world. She came back to Japan from the nation Drasuvania. Her power is regeneration that is way above the ordinary human level. She fights using two metal knives. Her positive personality normally is maintained by self hyposis which she planted suggestion for herself using her glasses. When the glasses are removed, her eyes and personality turn into that of a killing machine. She is one year younger than Yuka and Kakeru.

Misuzu Kusakabe (草壁 美鈴)
A red-haired swordwoman. She is one year older than Yuka and Kakeru. She is an Onmyoji from the Kusakabe clan. A clan of Onmyoji that is famous for having Oni's blood in the bloodline and the five demonic swords known as Kusakabe's Five Treasures. All five swords are in Misuzu's procession right now and she keeps them in her finger nails via dimensional magic that she learnt from forbidden scrolls that was created by one of her ancestor who learnt and incorporated Western magic, Kusakabe Ryoichi.
Yuka Minase (水奈瀬 ゆか)
Kakeru's childhood friend. She met him at the orphanage where they grew up in, and was able to help Kakeru feel better after his sister's suicide. She is very clingy of Kakeru. She is also in Kakeru's class in school. In the later part of the story, she discovered that she also has a power that seems to negate others' power. She and Kukuri name the power "Hand of Glory". However, it's merely a misconception on her and other companions in the "Red Night". Later in the game, she was able to remember the true nature of her power and uses it to try to keep Kakeru to herself.

Kakeru Satsuki (皐月 駆)
The main protagonist in 11eyes. He and his sister were oprhaned since young, and went to an orphanage where he met Yuka. After his older sister killed herself five years prior the main storyline, Kakeru felt that his life was empty. This was later filled by Yuka and his new friends he met in high school. He wears an eyepatch on his right eye, which is yellow in color, instead of the light blue which is seen in his other eye. His right eye was said to have been blind since his birth, but it seems related to the activities in the Red Night somehow. He possesses the Eye Of Aeon.

Kukuri Tachibana (橘 菊理)

A strange girl in from their school that looks like Kakeru's dead sister. She is one year older than Yuka and Kakeru. She has the ability to material her soul into the form of an angel that appeared chained. She calls the angel "Abraxas". "Abraxas" attacks by sending out chains with sharp blades. She is the adopted daughter of the famous novelist in the area whom she inherited her last name. She has no memories before the age of 13 seems to have lost her voice. She uses a sketchbook for communication.

Takahisa Tajima (田島 賢久)
A young man from their school and is able to use fire attacks. He is the same grade as Yuka and Kakeru, but is not from their class. He is now under the guardianship of Saiko. He is a pyrokinetic.

Invidia (インウィディア)

She is the only female Black Knight beside Superbia and is the only member with wings that can fly. She use a sword that resemble a spine that specialize for long range attack. The fourth knight to be killed. She plans to explode herself and take down everyone in Kakeru's gang with her. Her attempt fails due to Yuka's awaken power and Yukiko killed her by stabbing on her forehead. She is also a subordinate of George of the Rainbow and her Index's name is "Elayce of the Dragon Skeleton". In the game, it is revealed that she loves Sebastian.

Acedia (アケディア)
The "mage" of the group, as he is after the bearer of the eye of Aeon. It use scrolls as his weapon. He is quickly killed by Kukuri, however one part of it's head "scholastica" manage to fled causing it to survive. However it is killed by Shiori afterwards. In the game, his two parted head is cut down by Misuzu using Doujikiri and Scholastica dies at this time instead and Acedia is killed by Shiori afterward. Scholastica is actually Acedia's sister and they share a body. His Index's name is "Benedict of the Bookshelf". It is reveal by Shiori that Benedict and George are people in her family line. Shiori refers to him as her prototype when she kills him.

Superbia (スペルビア)
The most powerful Black Knight after Avaritia. She fights using two Japanese swords that are similar to Misuzu's. She is in fact the only Black Knight who has no association with Index.

Gula (グラ)
One of the Black Knights, whose figure is a giant fat male with a club as it's weapon. It is also the first one to die. Was killed by Misuzu. His role in the story and within the Black Knight group is most minor. His Index's name is "Samson of the Holy Club".

Avaritia (アワリティア)
The leader of the black knights and determined to crush the "fragments". In actual, he is one of the 14 saints from Index, called "George of the Rainbow". He was sent out with his subordinates to eliminate Index top priority threat, Liselotte Werckmeister. After a seemingly losing battle with Liselotte at Ayame's Hill 70 years ago, he used his last resort, the forbidden technique, Contract of the Rainbow to split Liselotte's soul and the piece of Emerald Tablet within her into seven fragments to weaken her. Liselotte with one of the fragments remains in her body was sealed within the crystal. The other fragments, due to the technique, was scattered across 6 parallel worlds. This explain why he calls the gang "fragments" because their bodies contain those "fragments" and those "fragments" are the sources of their powers. In his past mission, he sealed a dragon within his body with the same technique and release it in the final battle to crush the "fragments" and Liselotte with the price of losing himself. It took a lot out of him to maintain seal of the dragon within his body and at the same time Liselotte's seal

Saiko Akamine (赤嶺 彩子)
The doctor at the school. The current guardian of Takahisa. In her youth, she was the gang leader of an all girl gang called "Kurenai Tenyo".

Shiori Momono (百野 栞)
She is a "traditional magician" and is usually seen with a book. She seemed indifferent to the students who approached her in class as first but eventually warmed up to

Kaori Natsuki (奈月 香央里)

Kaori and Tadashi and grew to treasure them due to their friendly spirit. Her secret identity is that of an apostle of Index, the largest magical organization within the world of 11eyes and 3days. Her real name given by Index is "Ursula of the Bookshelf". She transfers to Kakeru's school to keep an eye on the place and report its situation to Index. Her assignment was due to the sudden disappearance of the last warden. She is extremely powerful and is candidate for the next 14 saints, the highest officials within Index. However, her family line is cursed to born without eye balls. In her case, the curse is even worse and she couldn't even move a finger. Her current body is a magical artifact with her brain and nervous system transplant into and allow her to hold 5000 magical books within. The body operates by absorbing magical energy. She is a classmate of Yuka and Kakeru.

Kaori Natsuki (奈月 香央里)
She is a good friend of Yuka and Kakeru, often seen hitting Tadashi due to his personality. She is also a classmate of Yuka and Kakeru.

Tadashi Teruya (照屋匡)
A good friend of Yuka and Kakeru, who is often hit by Kaori. His role in the story is that of the class clown and the perverted friend. He is a classmate of Yuka and Kakeru.

Lisette Veltoll (リゼット・ヴェルトール)
The girl in the crystal who ties deeply with the world of the "Red Night" itself. While she is naturally good at heart, she has a split personality known as Liselotte Wreckmeister. It is Liselotte who is the master of the "Red Night".
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