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The Death Room Empty The Death Room

Post by Koga_Wolf on Sun 07 Nov 2010, 3:16 am

Koga walks to the entrance of the death room and opens it huge doors. The first thing Koga sees is a huge line of guillotines acting as a road. Koga walks down the road and at the end he sees Lord Death standing there as if waiting. "Hey again Koga!!" Koga sees that Lord Death is holding an envelop with what he believes to be his pay for the mission "Yes hello Lord Death." Koga walks up to Lord Death and Death hands him the envelope. Koga opens it to examine it and sees a great amount of cash. "Perfect. Thank you." Death smiles. "Your very welcome." Koga looks at Death in the face. "Lord Death why didn't you send some academy students to take care of the army and the witch. They were all quiet weak." Death looked away and began looking at his mirror. "Because that witch was the second daughter of the Queen Witch. As you saw she had the power to turn man into evil mindless slaves. Lucky for us she used a Medium size town on an unknown country so no body will notice.She also has the power to take life from her minions. She would have to if you hadn't kill them so fast." Koga takes the large amount of money out and puts the money in his wallet. "So you didn't want to risk the students getting killed. How nice" Koga walks out of the Death room and decides that he has to get some sort of vehicle so he wont have to walk around the world. "Thankfully I saved up my money from several big missions."

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