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Time to play THE GAME!! Empty Time to play THE GAME!!

Post by Guest on Mon 06 Sep 2010, 6:41 pm

Concept: The Concept of Ani-Wars is to combine recreated stories from any anime show, which involves power or combat, and see which show will become the most elite of them all. Any anime, which involves power and combat can be used as long as one creates a completely unique character based on the criteria of the show(which you choose). Bravery, Creativity and Innovation are your greatest weapons in this world, so live long and remember no guys, no glory!

Rules about creating a character: When creating a character you must always do their best too follow the creation template for the show and race which you have chosen. All templates must be filled out in detail to the best of your ability, keep in mind that certain parts of your character description can not be filled out by you. If you find explaining to be a challenge, please feel free to use pictures to better express your thoughts. If all else fails come to Natsu for help(Natsume, creator of creation templates).

In case their is nothing made for your particular show:
- For most cases there may not be anything made for the anime show in which you prefer, if that is your case please contact the anime expert of the site or the co-owner Natsume. We will see to it that the anime show which you requested gets inspected. If it passes our inspections we will see to it that templates and a world be made for that anime show(if there isnt one made already). Please do keep in mind that this process does take time, but due to the way this site is structured you will always be able to catch up if you are an active and entertaining rp'er.

How to level up: In this game there are two ways to level up. You can level up by participating in an event, or by going on a winning streak.

After 24 hrs of being a member you will become a lvl 1. Inorder to become a level 2 you must be an active part of an event -rp-story (each show/universe will have events based on the productivity of its members, productivity is explained on the section labled productivity). After events levels are awarded as such: The winning Universe/Show gets every member promoted by 1 level. the winning race or class gets a 2 level promotion and the winning person or group of people gets 3 level promotions and recognition by the "Admins/ Peers".

Leveling Through Winning Streak:In this game it is very crucial that you gain an edge anyway you can. One sure way to gain a level is to rp fight members of your own universe and win 5 different sparring matches in a row by means of a "K.O", after every sparring match an admin reviews the fight and confirms if the K.O is legit or if the match must continue, if you obtain 5 legit K.O's in a row then you would have obtained a 5 K.O winning spree which can be added up or cashed in for a level, but every match must be won by a knock out any match won by Forfeit or Death wont count.

Forfeiting a match: Fights can last for days at a time, If one doesn't respond within 24hrs of a post it is counted as a forfeit and will be recorded on their account( if you are the person to forfeit).You also quit a match in which it will also count as a forfeit. 3 Forfeits will result in a lowering of your level. The only time that a forfeit will be pardoned is if you are unable to reply due to some inconvenience and an admin finds it pardon worthy. You are only allowed one pardon due to forfeit.

Rules about Universes and Worlds:
World has different level requirements based on the leading authority figure( ex: Kage and Shinigami Leader). Once the leader becomes level 5 the barrier breaks and anyone in there universe can enter their world at level 2. Once all worlds are level 5 all barriers are broken(excluding new worlds or inactive worlds)

Main Objectives: Total domination is the objective of each show, when a majority of the members are level 3 it becomes an all out war.Every universes priority is to keep their government up and running in order to keep balance and preserve their way of life.

Protect What is Yours: When the majority becomes level 3, it becomes possible to destroy world's and dimensions that are level 5. Inorder to destroy a world and become known as the most dominant universe(by eliminating a potential threat). A universe must gather up a group consisting of 6 members and send them on a mercenary mission to other worlds in order to kill the people placed in charge of that world[Ex: captains and leader for shinigami(bleach) and kage and sannin for ninjas(naruto)] in a series of life and death battles. If you are sucessful you will have completely destroyed the balance of that world and therefore the leader of your world will be in charge of it(making your world the most dominant worrld). The members who serve at the conquered world at the time of domination can choose to continue serving and protect or become rebels in which they will have become enemies to your cause.

What do levels help you with:

-Levels help you unlock potential(every class require different levels to unlock different potentials)

-claim better rewards
-obtain titles
-Take more Damage: Damage is based on level, levels tell how many finishing moves you can take before being in crucial condition

Productivity(the level of productivity varies by universe lvls and amount of members):

- - - - Productivity points is what is needed in order for a universal event to happen within your universe. Productivity can be obtained in many ways, and vary by the level of the universe which you are in and the amount of members which it contains. These points can be obtained in many different ways such as:

- - - - Number of posts: Productivity points are generally the add amount of legit posts that take place in your universe from every NRP(thread). Each post equals up to one productivity point.

----- 10 K.O winning spree = from now on everyone is allowed to cash in there 10 K.O winning sprees for 1000 productivity points.

- - - -- The Divine Admin Favoritism: All though admins here should and most likely are fair, admin favoritism does exist here and doesn't count as cheating. Reason being is we like to reward rp prodigies and people who can provide us with entertaining and unique rps, because as admin we are to enforce the rules and make this as easy for everyone as possible, but we are also here to show you guys that even though its not always easy all the time its important to remember that you are here to have fun, and help others have the same exciting experience as you have. This kind of Favoritism is rare, and is by far the hardest way to obtain your productivity points, but if you can pull this off your universe will be rewarded with "Full Productivity Points" , which can be cashed in for an universal event. (Note: dont suck up to us, we get easily annoyed by that, best way to obtain this is to rp alot, and be entertaining)(this will be better explained later as the game goes on)

More to be added later:


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