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Arashi Shimizu(weapon)

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Arashi Shimizu(weapon) Empty Arashi Shimizu(weapon)

Post by arashi on Sat 25 Dec 2010, 5:03 am

Name: Arashi Shimizu
Age: 15
Strengths: Smart, Quiet, and Fast
Weaknesses: Gets distracted, Can be overpowered, and has a thing for hot chicks(LOL)
Human Appearance:
Arashi Shimizu(weapon) Anime_Guy_by_CannibalTaco34
Type of Weapon: double sided spear
Appearance in full weapon mode(picture or description):

Arashi Shimizu(weapon) Enjakufinalreleaseform
Appearance when only half transformed(picture of description): Both my arms past the elbows turn into spears
Arashi was born into a family of well known meisters that were always lord death's favorites because of their ability to fight. Arashi however was different from all of them. Since he was young his parents could always tell there was something different about him than all of the other family members. As Arashi grew to the age of 10 he knew all about what was happening there in death city where he lived. He knew all about what his family was and what kishin, evil humans, and witches were. All he ever wanted to do was be like his parents, but as they realized how different he was and how much trouble he caused in their home they threw him out. Since Arashi was only 10 years old at the time he had nowhere to go. He frequently was chased by evil humans. On Arashi's birthday as he was being chased two people from the DWMA appeared and killed the evil humans. The two people asked if he had a place to stay and he said no. So they took him with them back to the DWMA. Once they got their they went to lord death and told him about me. Lord death wondered if i had any powers at all seeing how i came from the Shimizu family. So he did some sort of weird test type thing to see if i had any powers. As he was halfway done though my arms changed into spears. Lord death then assigned me with a meister. My meisters name was Koroka Jimoshi. As Koroka and i went and started to gather evil souls we easily got 99 of them. Then when it was time to kill our witch so i could become a death scythe. Koroka was killed in our battle with the witch. After that i transformed into half-form and finished the battle for Koroka. The fight took 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish. Afterwards i walked over to Koroka's soul and found laying on the ground a necklace that she had worn and picked it up and i still have it to this day. Arashi wears the necklace everywhere in rememberance of her. It has been two years that Arashi has been a death scythe and has been going out killing all the witches he could find.

RP Sample:
*Arashi stabs the witch in the stomach with his left arm* how does it feel to have the live sucked out of you. That is what happened to Koroka my best friend it was because people like you that she's dead *Arashi cuts the witches throat with his right arm and watches as witches soul comes out of her body then he kicks the body of his spear/arm and falls to his knees* why her why Koroka why did she have to die its not fair. *tries to regain composure and stands up eats the witches soul* this is all for you Koroka *heads off back to the DWMA*

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Arashi Shimizu(weapon) Empty Re: Arashi Shimizu(weapon)

Post by Enjiuu on Sat 25 Dec 2010, 5:03 pm

Approved and welcome to the world of Soul Eater.

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